North Carolina and the 1965 Voting Rights Act

In 1965, every member of the conservative North Carolina Democratic Party voted against passage of 1965 Voting Rights Act (with one member not voting). Why is that important you ask? Because in 2021 (as in 1965), the conservative North Carolina Party stands against any and all progressive change for North Carolina, and America. 

Here is the U. S. Senate vote on the 1965 Voting Rights Act.


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Covid-19 Vaccine Facts

Vaccines against Covid-19 have proven very effective, but there also is not substantial data on how long the protection lasts, or how they are protecting against different variants that we are seeing.
What is not stated enough (if at all) by our government:
1) There are many in our population who cannot and should not be vaccinated (for many differing Medical reasons)
2) Natural Immunity that exists in people who have had Covid-19 can be far greater than immunization through vaccination, and may last decades or your entire life
3) People who are vaccinated, get, transmit and die from Covid-19, as well as develop long term Covid-19 symptoms.
4) People do get sick and die from the vaccination itself (it is actually a Medical Procedure, and carries inherent risks, as all Medical Procedures do), and that fact should allow for each and every individual to make their own choice as to whether or not to get vaccinated, without being shamed by the government or the general population.
CONCLUSION: Much of the 'lack of correct information' is the fault of our governmental leaders and the CDC, whose director serves at the pleasure of the president, and like all levers of our government, has long ago undergone a corporate takeover. Masks and Social Distancing can always offer everyone protection from a deadly virus, and can help protect others as well.

Our Phantom Friends From Canada

In 2018 I phoned the office Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-NC09). His aide told me that Canada's healthcare system was one of rationing and denying care. He said he knew, because growing up he had a friend from Canada who told him so, and that fact "impacted his entire life" on the issue of health care.

I asked him what his friends name was and where in Canada he lived. He told me he did not remember his name and didn't know where he lived.

It is very unlikely that you would remember something so important, that would then influence your entire adult political life, and not recall the important details.

So many who oppose the civilized nature and cost of Medicare For All, all have a friend from Canada. Just don't ask them too much about their phantom friend. 

Bernie Sanders And The 2016 NC Democratic Party Primary For President

Being a relative unknown less than a year before the primary, and facing the weight of declared Super Delegates for Hillary Clinton that included all three NC Democrats in the U S House, collusion against his campaign by the Democratic National Committee, and a corporate MSM blackout, here are some facts and numbers on Bernie Sanders and the results of the 2016 NC Democratic Primary for President:

  • He won 40.86% of the Vote.
  • He won 17 of the 100 NC Counties.
  • In 18 other NC Counties the Vote was nearly split 50-50.
  • He outperformed every Poll.
  • Undecided Voters broke his way.
  • He won 47 of 107 NC Delegates. 

Latest Wall Street Journal Poll

NY Times Poll of Likely Voters in Iowa Saturday 1/25/20

The Progressive's Guide to Corporate-Democrat Speak

The Centrist’s Dictionary by Richard J. Eskow of the Independent Media Institute provides you with a clear understanding of what corporate Democrats are really saying in 2020.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

"Fifty years ago, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and many other leaders launched a Poor People’s Campaign to tackle the pervasive problems of systemic racism, poverty, and militarism. By many measures, these interrelated problems are worse today than they were back in 1968. And if you add in climate change and ecological devastation, the urgency is even greater."


Trump Articles Of Impeachment

RootsAction, an online initiative dedicated to galvanizing people who are committed to economic fairness, equal rights for all, civil liberties, environmental protection -- and defunding endless wars, has produced 'Trump Articles of Impeachment,' a growing work in progress (as of 10/17/2019).

This work details 25 areas where the conduct of President Donald J. Trump rises to the level of 'high crimes and misdemeanors' that should initiate his removal from office.

You can read this important and lengthy work here.

Voter Turnout In North Carolina

North Carolina held two special elections for the U. S. House in September 2019, the NC03 district because of the death of the seated Walter Jones, and the NC09 district because of GOP Ballot Fraud. The turnout rate of eligible voters was 25.8% (353,150 voted out of 1,368,087 eligible voters).

On October 8, 2019, Wake County, North Carolina held municipal elections for City Council and Mayoral positions, and the turnout was 17.11% (71,658 out of 418,798). In 2017, the municipal elections turnout rate was 14.96% in Wake County.