Democratic Party Voter Suppression Schemes and Tactics 2022

In the case of North Carolina Green Party (NCGP) (plaintiff) v. The North Carolina State Board of Elections (defendant) filed in U. S. Federal District Court in Raleigh on July 14th, the presiding Judge, Charles C. Dever III ordered the two parties to come to an agreement as to how to move forward. Out of that agreement, the State Board of Elections had until August 1st to show the NCGP and the Court evidence of fraud they claimed was committed by the NCGP in denying their certification as a new official party in North Carolina on June 30th and preventing NCGP candidates from being on the Ballot in November. The NCGP had collected over 22,000 signatures of which over 15,000 were verified as registered voters by County Election Boards in 100 counties in the state, over 2,000 more than the required 13, 865 needed to be recognized and be on the Ballot on November 8th.

The allegations of fraud that to date have never been disclosed, were not shown either on August 1st, prompting the North Carolina State Board of Elections to vote unanimously 4-0 to grant official party status to the North Carolina Green Party, which is now an official party in North Carolina. A hearing in Federal District Court is scheduled for August 8th where the NCGP, their candidates, and impartial observers are all but certain that Judge Dever will order that NCGP candidates Matthew Hoh for U. S. Senate, and Michael Trudeau for State Senate District 16 be placed on the Ballot.

On August 2, NC Attorney General Josh Stein and the North Carolina Democratic Party intervened to crush democracy and the legitimacy of the North Carolina Green Party, precisely one day after they were unanimously granted party status. This is what is known as Voter Suppression.


Here is what is clear in this case:

1) Democrats at the State Board of Elections never had any substantial evidence of fraud committed by the North Carolina Green Party.

2) They used false allegations to run out the clock by waiting until June 30 to deny NCGP status and claimed they needed even more time to investigate what doesn't exist.

3) The North Carolina Democratic Party and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) have committed fraud (it's on audio and video tape) by lying to registered voters and appearing to be NCGP.

4) The DSCC inserted themselves into the verification of registered voters which is a job that the state requires County Election Board and the NCSBE to do. 

5) The reason NC Democrats and the DSCC became involved was to prevent Matthew Hoh from being on the Ballot for U. S. Senate, and operatives of the Democratic Party are on tape (audio and video) as well as many text messages turned over to the Federal Court stating that a vote for the Green Party would hurt Democrats. That is their motive, and together with the NCSBE they have schemed to run out the clock to keep Matthew Hoh off the Ballot. 

6) The reason is Democrats fear Matthew Hoh will take votes away from their candidate Cheri Beasley is because Matthew Hoh represents issues voters in North Carolina care about and are likely to vote for, while Cheri Beasley is a centrist Democrats who will represent the failure of the status quo and the Corporate State.

7) The Corporate State and status quo of centrist Democrats like Cheri Beasley are in direct opposition to the cares and concerns of many registered voters in North Carolina.

8) Democrats have said that the 15K (+) verified voters who signed the petition for NCGP are votes taken away from Dems.

9) The reality is that the 15K (+) registered voters is just a sample size of the entire base of registered voters in North Carolina. Not only will Greens vote for Matthew Hoh (a nationally known anti-war disabled Combat Marine Veteran in a Military State), but many Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents will as well.

10) Voters who choose Matthew Hoh are not taking votes away from anyone, that is a lie, and a tactic Democrats use to scare voters and thwart real democracy. They will be choosing the one candidate in the race that represents them, that they trust will fight for their needs, that will not be corrupted by money like Cheri Beasley (D) and Tedd Budd (R) are and will be.

11) Democrats represented by Attorney General Josh Stein are trying to take this case away from a Federal Judge saying it is a state matter, but in reality, they take every state case they lose to the North Carolina Republican Party to the Federal Courts. Claiming it is a "state matter," is reminiscent of what the GOP does on every issue (just look at Roe v. Wade be done away with), and Democrats chastise Republicans for doing so. It's also reminiscent of Federal Troops being deployed in the South to thwart the evil of Southern Democrats, and the Civil War when Southern Democrats claimed Slavery was a 'States Rights' issue.

12) Democrats are suppressing the vote and the will of registered voters in North Carolina and are doing so simply so their candidate can have an advantage, not because of any fraud committed by the North Carolina Green Party and they are lying by not telling the truth now about their motives which has already been captured on tape.

13) Judge Dever at the U. S. District Federal Court should assert his right to handle this case because it is clear that state Democrats cannot be trusted having lied, committed fraud, and falsifying their motives, to run out the clock to keep Matthew Hoh off the Ballot. He should also assert his right because the plaintiffs have argued that their 1st and 14th Amendment Rights under the U. S. Constitution have been violated and they are seeking relief.

14) North Carolina and national Democrats are as guilty as Donald Trump in 2020 with his lies about election fraud, by making allegations of fraud that have no factual basis in the truth. It is a disgrace for the people of North Carolina and casts a shadow of illegitimacy on the North Carolina Democratic Party, national Democrats, and the DSCC.


On the June 30 NCSBE Hearing:

"I watched the zoom meeting. NC Dems were openly corrupt. Hard to believe. It’s like they imagined nobody would ever know what they did."

-Mike Archer


On the ongoing case:

"It's absolutely appalling to watch it play out. Documenting it playing out is priceless, however. They're simply revealing themselves to be as unethical as Republicans and GP now has hard evidence to use to counter them. I hope justice prevails."

-Stephanie Voltolin

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