Democrats Subverting Democracy in North Carolina

Democrats Subverting Democracy in North Carolina

By Scott Satalino, June 28, 2022

Last Thursday I received a call from a woman who identified herself as being from The Green Party -or- calling about The Green Party. As a member and volunteer of the Party, I welcomed the call. She asked me if I had signed a petition to have the Green Party on the Ballot in North Carolina in 2022, I said, “yes, and I got others to sign as well.” I was feeling happy because Greens were able to collect enough verified signatures of registered North Carolina voters to hand to 100 counties and the state that amounted to more than enough than was needed to gain Ballot Access for 2022 – 2024, a feat we could not accomplish in 2016 (I volunteered then as well). North Carolina is one of the strictest states in the U.S. to gain Ballot Access, and one of the least democratic.

The conversation quickly turned to the caller asking me if I wanted to remove my signature from the petition because if people voted for the Green Party, that would take away votes from the Democratic Party candidate, and the Republicans would win. I would simply be a spoiler for Democrats. I couldn’t disagree with her more. The Green Party candidate Matthew Hoh is not in this race to be a spoiler. In his own words, he intends to be exactly what the majority of the people of North Carolina want, a “disrupter” of a corrupt system. Having spoken to Matthew numerous times, I also understand that his intention is to win the race, and given equal time and resources, especially on a debate stage, he would win.

As someone who researches and writes about Politics and Media, covering North Carolina and national issues, I also laughed. I explained that what she suggested was not true, that in fact if there was no Green on the Ballot, many Greens would just stay home, and many would vote for the Libertarian or the Republican. I also explained that the centrist-Democrat running in 2022, Cheri Beasley, would not win as all four centrists before all have lost. I have written about why this is extensively. They lose because they stand for nothing but the status quo, identity politics, and the corporate state, and people in North Carolina want change.

As soon as I finished my explanation to her, I internally realized she was calling for a fraudulent reason, and I asked her, “what organization are you with?” She replied, I cannot give out that information. As a marketer much of my life, I immediately went into a rant that Marketing 101 is saying a) who you are, b) who you are calling for, and c) what you are calling about. If you cannot give answers to any of those questions, you are almost certainly involved in illegal conduct or in the act of committing fraud.

Democrats are no friend of or defender of democracy. That is a fairy tale they tell. All across the globe at this very moment and throughout our American history, The Democratic Party has opposed democracy. Our very founding documents were written specifically in part to keep democracy at bay. North Carolina has a robust morbid history of racism, slavery, denying the vote, and the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection carried out by Democrats. In June of 2022, here in North Carolina, they are attempting to deny voters a choice as joe Biden continues blockading democracies around the world, while meeting with dictators.


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