Joe Biden's Presidency Has Been a Catastrophe

Joe Biden had shown signs of dementia in the Summer of 2019 and nearly every talking head on corporate MSM noticed it and said he was not fit to be president. Americans in the first three primary contests did not vote for him in any meaningful way. Pete Buttigieg (a complete unknown mayor of a small city) had more delegates than Joe Biden.

It was only after Bernie Sanders won the first three contests, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada that Barack Obama and the DNC injected themselves into the process, and Obama's White House minions went on TV 24/7 before the South Carolina primary warning that if Bernie Sanders was not stopped, he would end up at the Democratic Convention in August with the most delegates, thus the most support.

Corporate Democrats intentionally sabotaged the primary process by asking everyone else to drop out so Biden could be installed to stop Bernie. Back-room deals were made 'again' to thwart democracy in America.

Democrats are the most anti-democratic party in America and couldn't give a fuck about what the vast majority 70-80% (+) desperately want and need. They are a party of War and Wall Street (just like Republicans), and they are destroying America (just like Republicans) so their wealthy donors can get wealthier.

There is no, "but Trump," after 18 months of Joe Biden. Joe Biden has easily been worse than Trump (and Trump was horrific), and a recent CNN Poll showed 75% of Democrats see that and know that, and do not want him to run again in 2024. Today, Biden polls lower than Trump. The 25% who still support Biden are the Pearl Clutching Liberal Elites, the Ignorant, and the Uninformed.

Joe Biden has broken every promise he made, turned his back on a pandemic that still rages, started another needless war of choice that many fear could lead to Nuclear War, nearly (and some economists think we are close) crashed the economy, put more money into the MIC than ever before, wants to fund the police more (even as they are still murdering people of color at will), done absolutely nothing to combat Climate Change that is devastating our earth and populations across the globe. And when he speaks, it is clear that he does not mentally have it altogether.  

Under the watch of Joe Biden, Republicans have overturned Roe v. Wade, the apartheid state of Israel continues to carry out ethnic cleansing in Palestine, Gas prices are over $7 a gallon in some states, more people have died of Covid than did in 2020 (without a vaccine), and Biden lied about vaccines preventing the spread of Covid as he now sits in the White House vaccinated yet sneezing and coughing with Covid.

Just like Donald Trump, Joe Biden is and always has been a liar and con man. His presidency has been a complete catastrophe for America. His mental health at times seems frail at best.

Many good people in America warned the country about Joe Biden, two things happened that tragically have led us to this point. One, the Democrats subverted democracy and the will of the American people in the primary process again, with the assistance of their cohorts on corporate MSM (again), and two, corporate MSM went against everything they said and believed in 2019 about the obvious signs of dementia Joe Biden exhibited, disregarded his horrific career as a Senator and VP, and covered up and lied about the veracity of Hunter Biden’s laptop, just so Bernie Sanders could be stopped, and Donald Trump could be removed from office.


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  • Scott Satalino
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