May 8, 2018


Primary Voter Turnout for Non-Presidential Years since 1990 in North Carolina averages a little more than 17%. This year's turnout was 14.35%. Not a very participatory democracy by any stretch of the imagination. This is my polling place that day (I was the only person inside the poll voting @ midday, 2pm or so).

Isn't it hard to imagine illegals voting when 85% of the legals don't? Certainly is for me. The claim of voter fraud is one large unsubstantiated lie perpetrated by politicians to suppress votes.

What does 14.53% turnout tell us?

The poll in the photo above is in the 4th Congressional District of North Carolina, a heavily gerrymandered Democrat district. David Price (D), the incumbent, has been in office for 14 terms making him clearly part of the permanent political class. Price won the general election in 2016 with 68.2% of the vote.

The Mid-Terms of 2018 are 90 days away, Tuesday November 6th.

As dysfunctional voting systems exist and abound, voter suppression tactics expand, Special Counsel Robert Mueller continues with indictments of Russian hacking / social media fake outlets and bots, and multitudes of lawsuits by both political parties go undecided by the Courts, enjoy part II of the 'rigged' 2016 election cycle.


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