NC Democrats Version of ‘Stop The Steal’

North Carolina Democrats, aided by the national Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee are alleging that the North Carolina Green Party (NCGP) has committed fraud, but have yet to show any proof (substantial or otherwise) to back up their claim that an ongoing criminal investigation is needed (as they claim), based solely on manipulated and false allegations of criminal conduct and election fraud (from national Democrats) that has no basis in reality. It appears they are just trying to run out the clock, so the North Carolina Green Party and their candidate won't be on the Ballot in November. 

This is the Democrats version of Donald Trump’s outrageous ‘Stop The Steal.’ The attorney for the North Carolina Green Party stated to the Court that they have been given no notice as to the allegations of fraud, no notice of any signatures in question, and when they asked the NCSBE for evidence, they were denied, twice, then the chair cut their mic so they could no longer speak at the June 30 NSCBE Hearing.

The facts in the case that the North Carolina Green Party is prepared to present to the Court show national Democrats committing fraud, lying to voters, and manipulating and misusing voter registration data, and these facts are on audio tape, video tape, phone calls, and text messages sent out fraudulently by Democrats and their operatives to faithful registered North Carolina voters who signed a petition to put the Green Party on the Ballot because they want the choice of voting for the Green Party in North Carolina.

The second pertinent fact is that the North Carolina Green Party collected more than 2,000 verified signatures (verified by local County Election Boards in North Carolina).

The North Carolina Green Party attorney claimed that their 1st and 14th Amendment Rights under the U. S. Constitution have been violated, that State law has been violated, and that the Democratic Party of North Carolina has colluded with local and national Democrats (including a suspected operative that works in Governor Roy Coopers office) to keep the North Carolina Green Party and their candidates (Matthew Hoh for U. S. Senate, and Michael Trudeau for State Senate District 16) off the Ballot.

The Judge asked the State, “does the U. S. Constitution matter to you?”

Matthew Hoh, a disabled Marine Combat Commander in Iraq and Afghanistan, and former State Department official has stated that the Democrats don’t just want to keep the Green Party or him off the Ballot, they want to keep the issues the NCGP and he represent: Health Care as a Right, Living Wages, Housing for the Homeless, an end to endless Wars of Choice, and an end to a violent Capitalist economic system that causes suffering for so many people in North Carolina, and Americans.

The 100 County Election Boards in North Carolina verified more than enough signatures (as registered North Carolina Voters) for the North Carolina Green Party to be on the Ballot – voters that included folks registered as Democrats, Republican, Libertarian, and Unaffiliated. They want to have the choice to vote for Greens, and the issues Greens represent, and the Democratic Party does not want them to have that choice.

In the Hearing held in U. S. District Court in Raleigh yesterday morning, a Judge admonished Democrats on the North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBE), for not following the State Statues in conducting their business, looked shocked and aggrieved that it is taking this long, and said, “If you have the proof, show it,” something Democrats have not only not done, and have thus far refused to do.

The Judge repeated several times that this entire process seems “very odd” and that he was confused why the NCSBE has not been able to complete their job of verifying 2000 or so signatures in question in over 40 days. “This just strikes me as odd” the Judge repeated that you cannot do your job. He related what was happening to “bureaucratic malfeasance.”

The Judge said again to the State, “if you have the proof, show it.”

The Judge mentioned that late Sunday night before Monday mornings Hearing that the North Carolina Democratic Party made a motion to the court to dismiss the case (though the Judge admitted he had not had time to read it yet since it came in late Sunday night). The Judge also said he expects the DSCC to be weighing in as well and ordered the attorneys for the NCGP and NCSBE to get together by 12 noon today to get a schedule to conference and exchange evidence (something the NCSBE has thus far refused to do) so this can be resolved in a short period of time.

Each time the Judge said, "how odd" that this is still ongoing, he seemed baffled by the incompetence of the NCSBE. I believe it isn't so much incompetence, as it is intentional voter suppression and an attempt at rigging the upcoming election, as the NCSBE and Democrats have no legitimate case to deny the North Carolina Green Party and their candidates the opportunity to be on the Ballot in November. 

The NCGP turned in 2,000 more 'verified' signatures than the 13, 865 they needed to be on the Ballot. The Judge asked the State two pertinent questions that will be answered in the coming days. He asked, "are you saying that even if they have enough signatures (which in fact they do), that the State Party would still deny access to the Ballot?" The attorney for the State answered no, but this appeared to be a concern for the Judge, because he added, "it is strange that we are here on the morning of July 18, and you are asking for more time."

Having the NCGP on the Ballot gives voters another choice to vote for and increases democracy. Suppressing parties, candidates, and voters as it appears Democrats want to do is authoritarian and anti-democratic. How odd this all is unless you know Democrats national strategy and long history of suppressing the vote of independents like the Green Party all across America. Then, it all makes sense what is happening. And what is happening is North Carolina and national Democrats are using dirty tricks, delay tactics, false allegations of fraud, and the power of their positions to act in a partisan fashion to suppress the vote. 


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