North Carolina Democratic Party

The establishment always sticks up for each other as Gov. Roy Cooper, & Attorney General Josh Stein endorsed the pathetic ousted leader, Bobbie Richardson. It's an old establishment club, impervious to change. In 2014 I interviewed then 'progressive' NC Democratic Party chair Randy Voller who was ousted after one year by the establishment. He was for policies (then) that the majority of the people of North Carolina (and America) supported. The old guard conservative establishment of his party were not interested in progressive change, yet people within the party call themselves, "the progressive state of the South." Not a big stretch when you compare yourselves to South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. 

One of Randy's good friends who traveled the State with him told me, "They ought to tear down that old building & start anew." How right he was. As Democrats continue to lose elections in this state (in 2022 they lost every statewide election) one need ask, what is the point of a conservative Democratic Party on Hillsborough Street- North Carolina already has a conservative party on Hillsborough Street known as the North Carolina Republican Party.  #ncpol #ncgov #ncga

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  • Scott Satalino
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